How Will The Next Cricket World Cup Be Different

How Will The Next Cricket World Cup Be Different

As you’re undoubtedly aware if you’re reading this, the 2019 Cricket World Cup recently wrapped up. The England-New Zealand final marked the end of an exciting tournament, with England - the host nation - claiming the ultimate honor. And once again it’s clear that in this sport so beloved around the world, there are few occasions to top the World Cup.

Naturally that means many of us who tuned in this summer are already looking forward to the next time the world’s best teams will convene. So before World Cup fever subsides completely, we’re taking a look ahead at what might be different come 2023.

India Will Host

One of the few things we know for certain about the 2023 World Cup is that India will play the role of host this time. This is fairly important for a few reasons - namely that the host nation tends to do very well in this particular event, as well as that the general public in India may adore cricket more than that in any other nation. The first point just means that India will be the top team to watch in four years regardless of who looks best on paper. The second simply means that this could be a particularly buzz-worthy World Cup, with India likely to treat it like the event of the century so far.

VR Viewing Could Be In Effect

This is a point a lot of people may not even have considered just yet. But virtual reality (VR) viewing is becoming an option in the sporting world. The idea is that people all over the world can use VR headsets to transport themselves to a given venue to watch a given contest in real time. Needless to say, it’s hard to make it to a World Cup, even with four years’ notice. But with this technology, millions of people around the world may be able to attend virtually - perhaps even sitting in the front row! The tech needs to improve, and people need to get more comfortable with it. But four years may be enough time for that to happen, and for VR viewing at the 2023 World Cup to be set up.

Greater Betting Markets

Simply put, online betting markets are improving at a rapid pace, and could thus make for more fan engagement with the next World Cup around the world. In some cases this is happening due to natural progression, with popular UK-based betting companies streamlining their websites, introducing apps, etc. However, there are also new companies getting on board. Some of the casinos offering up free pokies from New Zealand now have online sportsbooks as well, and even in the U.S., some fantasy sports platforms are expanding to include betting options. We appear to be on a path to a world in which people have easy access to all sorts of different sports betting opportunities, which should add that much more excitement not just to the 2023 Cricket World Cup, but to all major international sporting events.

England-India Will Define The Cup

There are close ties between England and India dating back generations, and even involving the spread of cricket itself. In a sense, it’s hard to imagine a more interesting international sports rivalry, in fact. This alone makes the expected contention of both England and India one of the biggest stories to watch for as we head toward 2023. And rest assured, both teams will be in contention. English outlets have already written about the challenge ahead as England prepares its title defence, and we already covered that India is likely to be favored over the field. Here’s hoping the two juggernauts meet in the final!

Unfortunately there are still years to wait. But if you’re already missing the 2019 Cup, perhaps the above points gave you more to look forward to already.